I only want the best for my horses. The EQUINE SPA AND WELLNESS CENTER in Bakersfield, CA is that for my horses. Each time I go to visit it has been a wonderful experience. My horses are always happy to be there. They are very well taken care of, fed well, and groomed daily. And in the competition pen, they have never felt better. Stronger. More focused. And happy to work. They are clocking better and winning more. I owe a lot of my horse’s success to The staff at the Equine Spa And Wellness Center. I encourage anyone to check out this facility. It’s not only a professionally ran facility, they care about our horses as we do.
Charleen Ornellas
The Equine Spa and Wellness Center is staffed full of equine enthusiast who truly care for your horses. The responsibility they receive when I hand my lead rope over to them offers them absolutely no anxiety. They are extremely knowledgeable and tend to each horses individual needs. I love sending my rope horse Chick to them for what I consider a vacation away from home. Little does she realize she is getting into the best shape possible with the Hydro Horse Therapy as well as the Equi Vibe treatments. She is gaining strength and muscle to be able to break out of the box strong while not having to pound the ground with her feet causing issues like navicular or laminitis. These ailments are all too common in our industry. If I can offer my equine athlete a less invasive alternative to maintaining her stamina and strength while promoting circulation to help with tendons, ligaments, and bones… I am all for it! I ask a lot of my horse Chick. She’s mainly a rope horse but at times she has to step into the barrel horse world too. Not many have one horse that can do it all and keep a healthy mind and body. Because of the tranquility at the Equine Spa and Wellness Center, my horse leaves there with confidence as a result of her mind and body feeling its best. Their facility is immaculate, well-managed, and they invite you in with open arms. You and your horse become family rather than customers. Thank you Maia and staff for the compassion you share with us and our animals.
Tracy Bell and That Chick Dunit
The Equine Spa and Wellness Center is an extremely well run facility. I was impressed with the quality and care that Maia and her staff shows to the horses. Also, the cleanliness and overall professionalism is second to none. My good heel horse, Easy is an 18 year old AQHA . He’s been off for 8 months with what I was told was a career ending injury. When I heard about the Equine Spa and Wellness Center, I contacted them immediately and talked with Maia about possible rehabilitation. I needed to get him into top physical condition and get his injured leg, limbered up, without the stress of riding him. Easy has been swimming at the Equine Center for over a month and I’m amazed at his progress! I’m certain he will make a full recovery and will be back at competition level soon. I’d like to thank Maia and the staff at Equine Spa and Wellness Center for all their hard work. This is an amazing facility, perfect for horse rehabilitation and to maintain top physical condition.
Denny Watkins, 2 Times WNFR Champion, 18 Times WNFR Qualifier
Tank is a 12 year old Mustang. His original “round up” location in unknown, but was rescued from his owner in Quincy for lack of food and care. The woman who rescued him placed him in the care of a young girl in Bakersfield. Upon moving to Bakersfield, he was boarded near the river and began having serious health issues; including swelling and severe bloody irritation of the sheath. His symptoms were managed but flare ups continued. His owner, going off to college, gave him to me. With the recommendation of my veterinarian, Doctor Arlena Pipkin, we ran an allergy test. Tank tested positive for 24 allergens, including Cyprus and Oak tress and the fungi in the river water, all of which surrounded the facility. He also tested positive for oats, cotton fabric and many other things. Since Tank has to be in an environment free of these allergens, Equine Spa and Wellness Center is the perfect location for him. His list of allergies are posted at his stall door. His diet is closely monitored and is free of all oat products. Even the wood shavings in his stall were checked against his allergy list. The property is also free of the type of trees that would cause an outbreak and Tank enjoys life in an immaculate environment…along with an occasional massage.
Theresa Williams
“Equine Spa Wellness Center” is truly an amazing facility. It provides a safe, clean and quiet facility for your horse to heal. The level of care from Maia and her staff is very professional and dedicated to providing your horse the best care imaginable.   The facility has such an optimistic and pleasant approach that it makes it an ideal place for healing to happen.  I would highly recommend this Equine Spa with the greatest level of confidence after being a client there for over three months. I was extremely pleased with the compassionate care and treatment that was provided to my horses.  Thanks so much Maia.
Shawn Manvell